Cleaning Services California

We are a full-service property maintenance and building maintenance company providing support to over 200 commercial clients across Southern California. We can handle all of the daily needs of your property. From basic janitorial, pressure washing, day porter, and parking lot sweeping to emergency roofing, plumbing, electrical, or other building maintenance needs...we are here for you.

We provide our clients with a variety of support options tailored to fit the needs of each individual property and organization. We can set up ongoing property maintenance programs or simply respond to workorder requests as you submit them. With consolidated invoicing, a variety of maintenance services, and ability to process workorders via web, text, fax, or phone, we provide clients with an exceptional opportunity to streamline their building maintenance and property maintenance operations.

Our success is based on the longevity of our client relationships. We continue to maintain a client retention rate in excess of 99%

Cleaning Services Califonia

  • » Parking Lot Sweeping
  • » Day Porter & Janitorial
  • » Vacancy Turnover
  • » Steam Cleaning
  • » Haul Away
  • » Landscaping
  • » Graffiti Removal
  • » Trash Shoot Cleaning

Holiday Decor
  • » Holiday Decor Procurement
  • » Installation, Removal, & Storage

Facility Maintenance & Contractor Services

  • » Plumbing
  • » Painting
  • » Welding
  • » Doors & Windows
  • » Asphalt
  • » HVAC
  • » Lighting
  • » Drywall
  • » Electrical
  • » Roofing
  • » Locksmith
  • » Flooring
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